Seminar series

Our monthly seminars are centred around the aims of the network with the goal of facilitating discussion and knowledge exchange between all corners of speciation research.

The sessions are open to everyone. In order to maximise the geographic diversity of attendees, we will alternate between two time slots on consecutive months: 5 pm CET and 9 am CET.

In addition to promoting scientific integration, the IOS network aims to foster diversity and inclusion across the field of speciation research. Please help us to spread news of the seminar series to anyone who may be interested, especially those in countries that are typically underrepresented in scientific discourse.

Details of upcoming seminars be announced by email, on Twitter (@Speciation_net) and on this page.

People who wish to automatically receive news of upcoming seminars, and other network activities, are encouraged to join the IOS network mailing list.

Upcoming seminars

In September, we started a new series of seminars on “Challenges in measuring reproductive isolation”.

On this theme, we welcome as speakers Christelle Fraisse (University of Lille, France) and Stuart Baird (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) who will address the topic of “Genomic approaches to identifying barrier loci”.

The session will take place on 11th October 2022 at 9 am CET. The first hour is dedicated to talks and questions, and the final 30 minutes is dedicated to a discussion session. Talks (but not discussion sessions) will be recorded and will be made available on our Youtube Channel.

To attend the session live, please follow the link below.

Webinar link:

Past seminars

Recordings of past IOS seminars can be viewed on our Youtube Channel.

Theme 1: Bridging the micro-macro gap

11 Jan 2022 – Leonie Moyle and Daniel Matute – Introduction to ‘big’ questions
08 Feb 2022 – Renske Onstein and Ole Seehausen – Adaptive radiations
29 Mar 2022 – Hélène Morlon and Daniel Rabosky – Phylogenies and speciation

Theme 2: Understanding and measuring barriers to gene flow

12 Apr 2022 – Anja Westram and Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos – What is reproductive isolation?
10 May 2022 – Clarisse Palma-Silva and Rosemary Gillespie – The role of geography in generating reproductive isolation

Theme 3: Challenges in measuring reproductive isolation

20 Sep 2022 – Anna Qvarnström and James Sobel – Challenges in measuring reproductive isolation