IOS Workshop Tvärminne Finland

The ESEB-funded Special Topic Network, Integration Of Speciation Research (IOS) is organizing a workshop to be held next year (30th March to 3rd April 2023) in Tvärminne field station, Finland. This workshop will gather researchers (~40 people) to consider how we can better integrate speciation research.

The call is now open for applications and we hope to gather a diverse group of participants representing various study organisms, methods used, career stages and countries. We encourage applications from all career stages including early career researchers, fellows, postdocs and PhD students.

Please apply here before 9th of December 2022 (applications closed).

The IOS committee has identified five areas where we think that integration might help advance our field and we have invited discussion leaders for each of these. The topics include: (1) Integrating over different subfields; (2) Integrating over spatial and temporal scales; (3) Integrating over taxonomic/environmental/ecosystems gaps; (4) Consistent reporting standards and measurements of RI and gene flow to facilitate meta-analyses/comparative analyses and (5) Integrating the language of speciation. The aim of the workshop is to discuss these challenges, and write a perspective article that we plan to submit to the Journal of Evolutionary Biology with all workshop participants as authors. During the workshop the discussion leaders will lead small group discussions to highlight the main challenges in each area, identify possible solutions, and draft a detailed outline for each topic.   

All costs related to accommodation and meals during the workshop will be covered, but participants are expected to cover their own travel to Finland. However, we acknowledge that opportunities for travel funding may not be equal, and aim to support participants if no other funding exists. If you consider yourself in this situation, please let us know via the application form.

Best regards,

The STN IOS organizing committee

Jonna Kulmuni (chair), Chris Cooney, Sean Stankowski, Carole Smadja (co-chairs), Sonal Singhal, Liz Scordato, Joana Meier, Richard Merrill, Konrad Lohse, Nick Barton and Roger Butlin